I’m in my second semester of at MA in Art Therapy program. The program is brand new; no one has ever graduated or completed the program to date. As such, things are unorganized, and I sometimes feel like I am not being taught and informed of everything that is necessary for my future career. I am also concerned that myself as well as my classmates are unethically seeing/treating/leading groups (as well as individual sessions) with clients, and doing more harm than good.
Although no one to my knowledge has complained, I am still uneasy. Coming from a background/degree program in undergrad that had ethics intertwined within the program, I feel that our lack of understanding of the ethics and nuances within this field is somewhat of a danger to those individuals we come into contact with.

Also, the creator and sole professor of the program has resigned and will be leaving at the end of the semester. While this is unsurprising, I am very concerned that a replacement will not be found. As such, we will just be pushed through, so that we will graduate from the program, and then be out in our career field with little direction or proper training.

This is not the focus of this blog. I hope to talk about activities that I am doing with the clients I am currently seeing, as well as reflect on things that I am learning/reading/encountering.
I am sure there will be some remarks about the program, but I will attempt to keep them at a minimum, as this will benefit no one.


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